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Intuitive self-care




  1. the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.

To be human is to fully experience our instinct and intuition, what they both mean, and how to experience them. They are primal and ancient, and our natural way of being. Yet these days we have learned to be in the fast lane, diminishing these traits, ignoring them and drifting further and further away from our natural being. Instincts literally navigate us physically through life. Whether that’s eating when you’re hungry, sleeping when you’re tired, running away from a dangerous situation as survival, etc., our inner compass is continuously communicating with us every minute of every day. The problem is that majority of us are stuck in a flight or fight mode within our nervous system, that it cannot regulate itself.

Intuition can feel something like butterflies beneath our bellies, a reoccurring sign, a dream, or even a simple whisper somewhere in our bodies that pulls us inwards. We have neurotransmitters in our brain and gut that alert us of our feelings in a physical way, constantly working together. The other side of intuition is that inner voice in your head that helps you understand your emotions or the feelings of others around you. It takes practice to listen to these signs and understanding your intuition improves over time, so if it’s not 100% there right now don’t worry.

Ways to connect with your intuition:

  • A good place to start is a morning ritual. This creates a sense of grounding and connection. LILAS Skinfood Set has been created for this purpose. A simple and natural ritual designed to nourish you, carrying you throughout the day with a fresh and natural healthy glow that uplifts your mood as you feel confident in your skin.

  • Be aware of the seasons. Notice how your body responds and reacts to the shift in seasons. Wake up with the sun and go down with the sun. This is especially important with our natural sleep cycle and keeps our hormones balanced. Tune in, rest and get to bed early when your body and mind are tired. Especially slowing down during autumn and winter.

  • For women, track your cycle! I can’t stress enough how important this is and how empowering it is to harness each phase.

  • Dream journals. Recording your dreams each morning you wake up, or maybe even speaking them to a friend can make you aware of subtle signs.

  • Go a day without planning anything and allow your inner bodily cravings to pull you in the places.

  • Cook a meal directly inspired by your bodies cravings (no should’s or shouldn’ts).

  • Painting/drawing. Allow your own intuition to guide you and try to not follow any guidelines.

  • Sit in the garden.

  • Nature Nature Nature!

Ways to connect with your intuition for self-care:

  • How am I feeling right now?

Stop and check in with your body and mind.

Have you been sitting in a poor position all day and notice your neck or back is actually sore? Have you taken any deep belly filling breaths today? Have you stepped outside for any fresh air?

It’s too easy to get swamped with work, endless to do lists, or lost scrolling on social media. Pause and notice how you’re feeling to make a quick adjustment. Making it a habit to check in with yourself physically, emotionally and mentally will bring you closer to understand yourself and what you need. Light a piece of LILAS Natural Incense off to help you unwind.

  • Do these feelings feel familiar, am I noticing a pattern?

Is anything similar to yesterday, last week, or last month? If yes, what did you do that made you feel better (or worse)? Maybe a soothing bath, a power nap, or a stretch shifted the feelings for you. For me, I've learned that a walk can make me feel better when I'm feeling frustrated with my day and it also helps break up my day if I have been in one scenario too long. Whatever it is, it is about what will make you feel good right now.

  • What won't serve me right now?

It’s important to distinguish what works and doesn't work when it comes to self-care, and know there's no such thing as doing it wrong. What might have worked for you last week and doesn’t this week isn’t a failure. Treat yourself with kindness, notice that you are exploring and learning, and understand you are one step closer to pinpointing what it is you truly need.

For example; you might dislike having baths, so don’t run yourself a bath thinking that’s what you ‘should’ do for self-care. Try remaining internal rather than looking for external sources.

  • Lean in to it.

Truly remain open and listen to what you need right now. Energy is constantly moving and changing, just like our bodies. Staying open and not resisting the flow will allow for more ease into your day and better practice of your intuitive self care.

A great place to start is our Skinfood Set, designed to guide you to connect with yourself and notice what your skin and body needs.


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