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Locally handmade by a beautiful husband & wife duo creating natural incense planks sustainably. Only using fresh ingredients and only plant materials, choosing wild and locally grown when possible. No essential oils, extracts, glues, toxins or additives. 

Creating incense mindfully the traditional way, preserving the plants vibration and increasing our receptivity to the incredible wisdom and wildness of the plant kingdom.


"The process of nurturing, growing, harvesting, drying, storing and wrapping these plants with the rhythms of nature, is a remembering and reclamation of the ancient ways where ceremony and ritual was a natural and normal way of living."


Choose intuitively...



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  • Incense can be used in many ways... 

    • meditation
    • cleansing
    • ceremonies
    • intention setting
    • rituals
    • aroma for your home

    Burning incense can help you to relax, unwind, reduce stress, anxiety and stimulate creativity. 

    Simply break a piece off, light it and blow out flame to let the smoke burn freely. Always burn incense in a designated fireproof container and heatproof surface.

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