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A note from the founder


LILAS was created with a passion to revolutionise the beauty industry and empower women around the world. With trust and transparency at its core, it aims to promote health and wellbeing through real products that are rooted firmly in nature's wisdom.


I have been actively involved in the beauty and health and wellness industry for almost two decades. With a background in cosmetology, my deep interest in skincare has taken me around the world, leaving my small town in the countryside of Canada to study and work in some of the most prestigious beauty spas, with a focus on cosmetic ingredients. Eventually settling in Australia which I have called home for the last 10 years. Shortly after my initial discovery of the toxic beauty industry, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. I went on a mission to clear out all these so called "self-care/beauty/cosmetics/personal care" products from the home and focused on her healing journey. We turned to nature for nourishment and support - gathering herb, after tincture, after powder you could imagine and foraging from our land. We listened to our ancestors and practiced traditional remedies passed down from generations, sharing wisdom and stories from my mama's village in Europe.


From this experience grew an ethos at LILAS that less is more. Giving space to allow our skin’s natural functions (self-cleansing, self-hydrating, etc) full reign without suppression from synthetics. You see, the less we interfere with our natural rhythms, the more we allow for our systems to work in synergy the way they were always meant to. 


My interest in Australian native plants stemmed from my old-fashioned upbringing, on a farm in rural Canada, so my inner knowing led me to trust to power of plants and respect their wisdom. Harnessing nature's wisdom has become an essential part of creating real, purpose-driven skincare products focusing on health, wellbeing, inner beauty and promoting trust within ourselves and Mother Nature. When we take care of our skin holistically – listening carefully as it speaks its language directly to us – we can restore balance throughout not just ourselves but also all living things connected through this beautiful earth. This is what drives me every day; towards authenticity, and helping shape realism and respect for the natural ageing processes along the way. Together ultimately paving new roads forward for this industry.


Thank you for allowing LILAS to be apart of your journey.



Love & Gratitude, 


Tanja xo




An ode to my mother Lila.

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