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Do natural ingredients work?

A natural ingredient which your body recognises, can deliver far greater amounts of nutrition into the cells than a synthetic. In the past, natural skincare was often regarded as inferior or simply not as effective as other products, but now technology has made it possible to capture it and science is starting to back nature - proving it to be far superior. Plant based products work in the same way that nutrients work in food. Our bodies will absorb what they require rather than synthetics that are unrecognisable foreign bodies which end up being stored. 



How does LILAS Skinfood serum compare to other serums?

Unlike oil-based serums, our Bioactive Skinfood Elixir contains pure plant extracts encapsulated in water, allowing them to be super easy to absorb by the skin without leaving any greasy residue behind. What we are doing is working with your skin and providing it with food. We are not applying oils, because your skin naturally produces its own. Despite the nice feel of oils on the skin, they aren't a long-term skin health or skinfood choice without any active ingredients. What you are feeling with our Bioactive Skinfood Elixir is a pure raw form of plants - no fillers, no alcohols, no heavy creams. 



How does the Unearthed Mineral Cleanser compare to other cleansers?

Traditional cleansers are filled with harsh detergents and oil stripping soaps that damage the skin's barrier while stripping it clean of any essential naturally produced sebum, disrupting the skin's delicate microbiome. The Unearthed Mineral Cleanser is composed of only natural earthy minerals and plant powders. It is the most gentle, velvety, buttery soft lathering cleanser you will experience. A cleanser that also doubles as a mask - purifying and gently exfoliating the skin naturally.

Are LILAS products safe to use while pregnant?

Absolutely! Not only are they safe, but they will nourish and feed your skin through any hormonal changes, breakouts, and adjustments.


Can I use LILAS amongst my current products?

Absolutely! You can fit LILAS into your current skincare routine immediately. LILAS will be working to heal your skin microbiome regardless of your current routine and products, building a strong long term skin health foundation. I truly suggest minimising other products as they can be harmful to your natural skin cycle and flora. Allowing you to ditch those multiple products all together, or if you like a more complex skin routine, LILAS will enhance the performance of your other products just by healing and balancing your skin no matter what time of day you put it on. You may just find you don’t need anything else anyway..



How long do the products keep after opening?

We source only fresh plant based ingredients and only add a small necessary percentage of natural salt preservative to maintain the active extracts, so we recommend using within 12 months of opening. The mineral cleanser does not contain any water, so no preservative is required, allowing a 24 month shelf life. 

Where can I find instructions?

We purposely don’t provide 'instructions' as just like feeding yourself, feeding your skin is an intuitive process. You will know what you need when you need it best. If you need extra hydration throughout the day, apply a few more drops. Feel free to use the range 3 times a day if that is what you need! If you feel you only need it at night to wake up with healthy glowing skin – then that’s perfect too.The same goes for our Unearthed Mineral Cleanser. You can leave it on for a little longer as a mask to melt away make up or feed skin with minerals. You can add as much or as little water as you like, having the perfect consistency that you desire.  We are constantly being told what to do and when, bombarded by new trends or 'must-haves'. Instead, we like to remind you that you are in control of yourself and LILAS was created to fit in to your schedule and simplify it. Adapting to natural active plant serums may take some time. You may need to train your mind to accept that you don't need extra moisturisers, creams, exfoliators, or double cleansing routines etc., but quite quickly you will find everything you need from the LILAS range. 


What does cellular extraction mean?

Cellular extraction is a revolutionary method that extracts plant molecules as close as possible to how they are living in nature. Utilising purified rainwater and extracting rapidly under high pressure allows plant molecules to remain active and potent. Older outdated methods are too harsh and compromise plant molecules, leaving you with inactive plant matter.  


What does bioavailability mean?

The bioavailability of a product refers to how effectively it can reach the correct cells and structures within the skin. The benefits of an ingredient are lost if it only penetrates the epidermis and does not penetrate deeper into the skin, where the changes will occur and appear. At LILAS we make sure every ingredient is bioavailable which is aligned with working with nature.



What does phytoactive mean?

A phytoactive is the active nutrient within the plant. It is essentially the molecular “gold” in an ingredient, delivering an abundance of plant powered skin regenerating benefits. This is exactly what we capture in the LILAS range.



Liquid Shampoo vs Shampoo Bar?


Today's liquid shampoo come in plastic bottles and contain detergents (whether plant derived or not) which strip the natural oil from your scalp, disrupting the natural balance and microbiome leaving hair dry and depleted. Our less is more approach believes in the innate intelligence of your body. Haircare is more than just about the hair. The condition, nourishment, health of the scalp and environment of the hair follicle is vital for optimum development of strong, healthy hair. Our Rainforest Multi Bar contains no detergents and is full of natural nourishing plant oils, restoring your skin, body, scalp and hair back to its natural state and healthy microbiome. Respecting the scalp and its natural ability to moisturise itself.

I don't have to use conditioner? 

That's right! We only support, nourish and feed - not damage. Conditioners were created to mask the effect of the stripping away of our natural oils by harsh synthetic foaming agents found in shampoo.  Since our Rainforest Multi Bar is so rich in plant oils and extracts, it has ample hair benefits naturally conditioning as it cleanses. Simply rub the bar on hair and scalp and as the lather is created, finger comb hair as if it was a conditioner. Rinse. Remember we are all about less is more, meaning we give space to allow our skin and body to function naturally on its own without interfering with our normal intelligent processes. 

Are breakouts normal? 

You may experience blemishes and breakouts, excess oiliness or sticky texture to the skin while your skin is adjusting and detoxing.  These are all healthy signs of a skin purge! When you first feed skin cells with active ingredients, cellular turnover speeds up. Each cell initially responds by expelling unwelcome toxins and stored synthetics through the skin. Be patient as it is only temporary, keep feeding your skin to nourish, heal and support it through this process.

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