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Wild Sandalwood from Western Australia. 

These beautiful natural incense chips are sustainably harvested from naturally fallen deadwood gathered from the desert floor. 


A beautiful aromatic wood that is calming and soothing, balancing emotions while elevating and harmonising the space around you. 


Enhance your daily ritual and connection to Earth with this grounding incense. 

The chips naturally vary in shape and size. Each bundle contains approx 60g.


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  • 100% West Australian Sandalwood (Santalum Spicatum)

  • Incense can be used in many ways...

    • meditation
    • cleansing
    • ceremonies
    • intention setting
    • rituals
    • aroma for your home

    Burning incense can help you to relax, unwind, reduce stress, anxiety and stimulate creativity.

    Simply light a chip and blow out flame to let the smoke burn freely.
    Always burn incense in a designated fireproof container and heatproof surface. 

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