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This Earth friendly vegetable sponge is a more efficient alternative to a face washcloth. Jam packed with vitamins and minerals the Konjac sponge revitalizes the skin while gently cleansing and exfoliating. Absorbing dirt and oil leaving your skin radiant and revitalised. 


For decades we have over stripped our delicate skin, convinced we must continually cleanse with harsh chemicals, stripping away our natural oils and sending our oil glands into overdrive causing breakouts and imbalances in our skin’s microbiome.

Our less is more approach recommends a simple refreshing of the skin in the morning with a splash of water and your zero waste konjac sponge to rebalance and protect your skin barrier. The Konjac Sponge has a neutral pH meaning it alkalises the skin. It is the most gentle, natural way to exfoliate without stripping away natural oils or disrupting the skin's flora. Suitable for all skin types especially sensitive or acne-prone skin.


Konjac is a traditional potato-like root vegetable. LILAS Konjac sponges are ethically sourced from the highest quality food-grade konjac at a UNESCO World Heritage site, Jeju Island. Originally used to bathe babies for its soft texture and ability to remove dirt without soap. 

Pure cleansing from nature!


  • 100% Konjac vegetable fibre 

  • Follow your intuition in using your konjac sponge. You will know when your face needs a quick freshen up. The beauty of this natural vegetable sponge is how gentle it is!

    STORAGE: Hang to dry inbetween uses.

    Your zero waste sponge will last several months with regular use. At the end of it's life cycle, simply place in your home compost or garden.

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