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             long term skin health

LILAS is guided by a philosophy of less is more, keeping it simple and easy for modern day lifestyles. We deliver to you natural unaltered plant nutrients from Earth vs synthetic ones. Real ingredients you can read.

It’s authentic, clean and incomparable. 


Potent active plant extracts, streamlined ingredients lists and uncomplicated skincare allows for nature to take the stage. When you apply pure plant skinfood to the skin, our bodies recognise them since they are as true to their living form as can be, supporting the skin's natural functions and deeply nourishing the precious skin barrier allowing you to achieve optimal skin health. 

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Changing  the way you skincare

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       A beauty

LILAS is advocating for change in the unregulated beauty industry.
Most conventional products contain harmful chemicals, unnecessary fillers and preservatives, hormone disruptors and fragrance that all harm the delicate skin microbiome and disrupt our natural system. Sadly, we are lead on this constant pursuit of standardised beauty in an attempt to 'fix' our skin concerns that have been defined by the beauty industry and cult products.

Instead, LILAS focuses on what matter most – health not hype.
Unlike fast trends or 'miracle' products, our less is more approach focuses on making sure what you put on your skin doesn't hurt it in the long run.
Similar to wellness for your body, healthy skin is a long-term, slow and intentional process. Focusing on health and wellness and supporting your natural rhythms to nourish and enhance your self-care ritual holistically. 

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